It's hot hot hot. Running errands with the kids has become unbearable. The car is a scorching box of death after sitting in a parking lot for more than 5 minutes. As soon as I step outside, I immediately become a sticky sweaty mess. (I hate hate hate summer) 

But that is why Grandma's house has a pool! And we're oh so glad about that! 

My kids can swim! (with noodles) 

It was totally reminiscent of "the good old days" of my summer childhood. My grandparents had a pool- one that was the site of almost every birthday party. (the years it wasn't at the Crystal Palace Skating Rink) Every summer my brother and I practically lived in that pool. Swimming was a huge part of my growing up. I'm so glad I can give my kids the same experience. Although it did make me miss my Grandpa even more.


  1. That's how we survive summer too! And we also had many birthday parties at Crystal Palace Skating Rink...oh I can see the neon clothes & couple skate now... scary.

  2. Ashley, that water looks so GREAT!! I swim with a noodle too!!! We loved the swimming pool also..lots of pool time when we visited sooo long ago!!! I think that we NEED another Vegas vacation!!!

  3. We NEED to see the Clingers! :) Do come out!