Bad Idea:

Crushing soda cans in flip flops. Not a good idea at all. Yet I talk myself into it time and time again. No more- future self!

Speaking of recycling! Something needs to be done. Last week when I put my gigantic piles of recycling on the curb for pickup... wind decided to rip through the valley. I thought I collected it all from our neighbor's yard the next morning, but the next trash day proved me wrong. It's weird to see your recycling in someone else's trash.

I was immediately horrified beyond all reason and baked some delicious cookies and left them on the neighbor's doorstep. I can't believe my neighbors were picking my trash out of their bushes. Agh. So now I'm looking for ideas of recycling receptacles with lids. It's often windy here. Lids are needed. I want one of these, but I'm not sure how invested I am in this recycling project... $120?

Perhaps I should just by a regular trash can and spraypaint a recycling sign on the side? That would certainly be crafty.

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