Picture Circus

Snapshots of life around here these days. Enjoy!

This is a public service announcement:

Little Man is very lucky. And so am I!

Thankfully I am the only one that sustained injuries from the escalator incident. I have huge rainbow-bruises everywhere. This one hurts the most. 

 When we put in the sod (two years ago!) We have had these weedy things growing up every summer! Weed spray does nothing- some kind of succulent they are. They multiply like rabbits and take over the whole yard. What makes it worse is when The Husband does some mowing, every tiny splinter of them grows up new and vibrant in massive heaps. Hate. Hate. Hate. 

 The war between good and evil rages on! I planted the pretty ground cover on the right, the weeds on the left are looking for a stand off. 

This is not my side of the bed: (can you spot what's wrong here?)

The husband thrashes around in his sleep. Rolling over and around. Oftentimes I wake up clutching the bed in fear there is a massive earthquake taking down the house. He has singlehandedly worn a gaping hole right through my favorite sheets! They're not even a year old yet! (although I cannot exactly remember when I bought them. I am now marking this as new sheet day, let's see how long they last!) No more 800 thread count sheets for you, buddy! This is why we can't have nice things! 

Chalk up one more errand to my to-do list today. Get new sheets. And formula. Almost out of formula!

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  1. OK skinny, could you stop losing weight? You look teeny in that pic... you're making all of us with kids look bad :)