To You I Ask

When I am unable to make life altering decisions, I turn to you, internet. (that's just how much I love ya) You skilled parents out there, you givers of fantastic advice, you random crazies who post porn websites. I need help. Everyone must answer- and show your work! Here's the skinny:

We don't travel much. I have a large aversion to traveling (sleeping in strange beds, messing up my routine, etc) and having kids has amplified this by a thousand. However, this summer we are chancing a small weekend trip.

Money and cost is not a factor in this particular decision- my mental wellbeing is much more valuable. We are heading for some fun- a drive that would take normal us 8 hours, but the new, never tested on a roadtrip version of us- (the one with three kids, one under 6 mos, and two walking the potty training tightrope) well, it could take anywhere from 10-12 hours, stopping every three hours to feed, and any time a three year old feels the urge to pee. We considered renting a minivan- to keep prying toddler hands out of each other's toys and carseats. We are also considering flying. Like, in an airplane. Here are some snippets that are essential to your decision:

-Little Man cannot stand to be in his carseat for one single minute. Just driving to the store around the corner elicits wails and screams from the backseat.

-We will have lots of stuff to tote around; pack and play, potty training paraphernalia. We have one actual suitcase- so we'll have to buy luggage to fly.

- If we fly, even when we check the luggage, we will still be dragging three kids, a stroller, a carseat, and two back-booster seats, plus any carry-on luggage through the airport.

- It's one thing if kids are having a fit on an hour long flight, we can just hunker down and survive it. But I'm not sure if we're halfway on our trek in the middle of nowhere...

- I have this kind of ethereal ideal of a "road trip" stopping at kitschy diners along the highway. My head knows this is all a load of bunk, but my heart longs for the idea.

Ok! No go! Calculate the better idea- driving vs. flying!


  1. Though I am not a big fan of long road trips with kids, flying with 3 little ones sounds just a bit INSANE! My suggestion...drive through the night, let the kids all sleep in the car while you and hubby trade off. Just my two cents worth (literally .02 cents!)

  2. Hmmm- it depends where you are going- I say either way hunker down for ENTERTAINMENT! DVD players are ESSENTIAL in this- in terms of flying- well,a car and an airplane are both confined spaces, it's a matter of time- one hour vs. 6- so if the girls have a dvd player they may be ok! as far as crying and looks from mean passengers- people were ultra nice to us when we flew with hailyn- also you'd need a rental car once you get to said destination- so extra cost- so it's a matter of cost vs. time- and if you plan Gavin's feeding for right at take off his ears wont hurt (maybe as bad) and if the gitls have activities and coloring books
    (new of course- hit the dollar store for surprises and LOTS of snacks- fruit snacks, suckers ect) then flying is an awesome option- but this is assuming you have Logan with you to help with the girls- so it's a matter of entertainment- either way- movies, coloring books, suckers ect- good luck and I can't wait to hear details!!! oh- and driving through the night works well- I tried to fly with hailyn during naptime and she was more interested in what was going on- (I flew with her on a red eye and she slept the whole time- so it works for both!

  3. I certainly hope this road trip takes you to UTAH for Butlerville Days!! You are tough and I would just bring a potty (or TWO) with you and let them pee in the middle of nowhere then toss the urine on the beautiful brush along your journey! Can't wait to see everybody!

  4. If it's a long trip I would say fly. For some reason every time I have flown with the boys Damon has had to work! It really isn't that bad. Follow Lacie's advice and you'll do great. I usually buy new DVD's and toys and fun no mess art stuff we normally don't have. I remember one time googlie eyes saved me! Don't worry about Gavin and him crying. If his crying bugs people they deserve to be annoyed! People are usually really nice and helpful. I've had strangers play with Shane the entire time and others carry my huge carseat or my large bag of entertainment tricks too! Good luck and let us know where you are going.

  5. If you think the kids would sleep through driving during the night, I highly recommend it. We've done our beach trips (6-7 hours) that way, and it works out well. If you don't think they would sleep, I vote for flying. I just couldn't handle hours and hours of trying to entertain little ones. Your girls are big enough to watch DVDs, but can you imagine the little guy being stuck in a carseat for so long and not understanding what it was all about? Or am I the only one who thinks like that? : )

  6. I have to say- not a fan of driving through the night. That means I loose sleep- and I have yet to see my kids sleep in the car. They don't. It's weird.
    And I think the Dr. threw flying into the top of the pack. She suggested that being in a stuffy, hot carseat was probably not helpful with his eczema. So probably flying. Unless someone can come up with The Ultimate reason I need to drive.