Just Say No

I am constantly amused at the girls' thought processes and the things they say.  Like when I put a straw in their milk, I hear  "No! Straw can't swim!" (apparently straws are in danger of drowning?)

The other day, I told Squirt to eat her sandwich. She replied with "No, I just pet sandwich... like a kitty." (as she stroked the bread) Fine. I conceded. Pet the sandwich then eat it. "No, just pet." Crazy kids.

Another conversation that took place as the girls swarmed the baby post-feeding (they absolutely mob him... all the time. Poor kid can't get even a little space!) had me laughing, and kinda crying inside.

Bunny: Baby! Baby! Baby!

Squirt: Baby come out of mommy tummy?

Me: Yes. Do you remember when baby was in mommy's tummy?

Bunny: Tummy so so big!

Me: Yeah, thanks for reminding me.

Squirt: Baby in mama tummy. Now baby with girls!"

Me: Yep. You love Baby Brother, huh?

Squirt: Squirt-Squirt love baby. Baby so so cute!

Bunny: We do again? Baby in tummy?

(Insert voice in my head screaming: NO NO NO! NOT A CHANCE!)

Me: Mommy has had enough babies. I have one, (pointing to The Squirt) two, (pointing to The Bunny), three babies! (pointing to Little Man) And that's enough babies!

Squirt: Yeah, Bunny. That's enough babies. 1- 2- 3 babies.

Me: That's enough babies.

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