Paint My House!

My house is feeling like a cave. You see, in this hot desert, the sun is the enemy. Natural light streaming in through windows is what most homeowners dream of. Not me. Light = Hot, which also equals massive power bills. So we've put up heat deflecting film on the windows, insulating shutters, etc. But the paint color I chose for the downstairs? Not liking it anymore. It makes things feel even darker! (that and our kitchen has NO WINDOWS- dark cave kitchen is what I have!)

So I'm asking for your design help. I need a new color. Here is what we've got to work with:

 (except now there's a rug there- a rug with red and the exact color of the wall in it)

 White shutters, white trim, white doors, travertine floors)

Walnut cabinetry, granite with grey, black, and a taupe the same color as the wall- as you can tell, too much matchy-matchy beige!

The entire downstairs is the same color. I need something lighter. But all my furniture is either dark wood or black! So I'm hoping to lighten things up strictly with paint. Here are my ideas: 

#1: Do what Dooce Does

I like the idea of a multi-purpose, lighter beige.
Source and more samples here

#2: Add Blue

Source from HGTV's Dream Home.

#3: Green! The Husband's Fav. Color

Any other great ideas? 


  1. Hmmm...I don't have any great ideas, but I wanted to vote for option #1. I think that going lighter in the same general tone will make it feel much brighter.

  2. I love that blue. It always looks nice and cool.

  3. Green! I was thinking of a very light green, with maybe a hint of yellow undertone--if you're enough of a green fan to have it all over the downstairs. My kitchen is a similar green, and I LOVE it!

  4. The blue really caught my attention and i am not usually a blue fan...good luck!

  5. How 'bout a lighter version of the blue in your downstairs bathroom? Looks gorgeous with the white trims and your floor. Close second would be a lighter version of what you have (is that option 1?)