Diaper Slaughter

I'm going to give you a little peek into my glamorous world with a post-op infant. Custom diapers. Part of a two diaper system. I thought that surely the hospital would give me a bunch of pre-holed diapers. Like, wasn't there some company that made them exclusively for urology surgeons? No.

I was told by the receptionist at the doctor's office to "take a knife to it and make a hole." Yeah. I value my extremities, and piercing diapers with a butcher knife seems like an excellent way to lose one of those prized appendages.

At the next feeding, I cringed a bit as I thought about figuring out this new diapering system. It involves cutting a hole into the back of a diaper and lining it with medical tape, putting it on the child backwards, then layering a regular (un-butchered) diaper on front-ways.

Did you know that diapers (Pampers at least) are full of tiny beads, like sand that absorbs... the unfortunate. I now know this! This white sand is all over my couch!

I was only able to get through pre-holing six diapers. I hope we don't need more. Because I don't want to do it. I'm done.

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