Circumcision and Man Parts

(Don't worry- this is totally G rated)

Ever since I found out we were having a boy, I had been stressing out on the whole circumcision decision. Apparently, it's a hot-button issue! Some even equate it with female genital mutilation. (which I think is insane)

But still- the research coming out about it isn't exactly positive. There seem to be very minor and few upsides to the procedure- like making it unnecessary entirely. I did a lot of research, and I was still on the fence. I am just really apprehensive about doing anything to my babies. When Squirt had to have some bloodwork done as an infant, I freaked. I'm not ok with seeing my kids in any kind of pain.

A lady did a lovely and fascinating photoshoot of her son's circumcision which I found interesting- I'm not sure how I felt after looking through them. (although very graphic- don't click there if you're eating a sandwich... or you don't want to see some baby boy bits) Still, I was unable to make a real decision.

Well, after Little Man was born, the decision was made for me. (kinda thankfully- I didn't really want to have to make that call) He has a version of a general umbrella term called hypospadias. This requires surgery- and requires the use of foreskin to do some skin grafting on his little boy parts.
Luckily, it could have been much worse and called for a much more intensive surgery. So there is a bright side to it too.

But of course, I am freaking out. I am lucky to have a super amazing specialist and her equally amazing nurse who are taking me by the hand and guiding me through the process very gently. I always feel better after meeting or talking to them about it.

Today was our last appointment before "the procedure." All of my questions were answered, and I feel very positive that the outcome will be great- and I know I shouldn't be stressing so much about it.

But I am. Because that's what I do.

I see this perfect little baby- and I so desperately don't want anything to happen to him. Even though I know he is getting the best care possible. Really, this surgeon is certainly top-notch, and this isn't exactly a high-risk procedure. In fact, the pre-registration lady gave me a sweet little pep talk: "Don't worry, honey. This is so very common, I check in a lot of babies just like yours" in her beautiful southern drawl. I'm sure it isn't the worst thing in the world- in fact, I know it isn't the worst thing in the world.

I just worry. Life would never be the same without him.

I am trying so hard to "mom-up" and be stronger about the whole thing. But I do notice myself holding him just a little closer and for a little longer. Just to soak in his adorable wonderfulness. (woah, spell check left "wonderfulness" alone- awesome) He is so precious.

So if you have any good vibes, can you send them our way? We'd be quite appreciative!


  1. I'll do more than send "vibes", I will send prayer, many prayers. It is so tough seeing little babies go through sugeries, big or small! He will be o.k. and after a diet pepsi (or whatever your beverage of choice is) or two you will too:)

  2. What a sweetie. I know you have been drudging this day forever. It will be such a relief when it is all past and everything is perfect. I am totally like you and worry (I think that is the mom's job) and worrying is okay. Somebody has to do it. I will be here for whatever you need and will defently keep sending you good vibes.


  3. You and HE will do great!!! You have my prayers! He will just feel your love after it is all over with!!!

  4. Worriers=Morris family trait.
    Lucky us.
    It's okay to worry about your little one--hang in there and keep us posted!!

  5. prayers your way hon!!!! hang in there!!!! it will be ok!!! let us know how it goes!!!!

  6. sending lots of prayers your way! when is the big day?

  7. I am sorry to hear that your son has hypospadias. Hypospadias is not uncommon. It means that the opening of the urethra is somewhere along the undersurface of the penis rather than at the extreme tip.

    Hypospadias comes in various degrees of severity so the opening of the urethra may be anywhere from the lower surface of the glans penis to the base of the penis itself. Sometime the foreskin is complete and sometimes it takes the form of a hooded flap.

    Some repair operations consume the foreskin, but others, commonly used in Europe, preserve the foreskin.

    Here are two sources of information:



    It is NOT life-threatening and there is no urgency to its repair. Probably the worst that can happen is that your son must sit down to pee and that only if he has severe case.

    If your son has a mild case, he may never need to have it corrected. In some cases the hypospadias is completely concealed by the foreskin and is not obvious unless the foreskin is retracted.

    There are some procedures which preserve the foreskin. Here is some information:



    It is not necessary to rush into hypospadias surgery, no matter what your doctor may say. Take your time, do your research and make your decision based on facts, not fear.

  8. The following documents record conservative management of hypospadias:

    Dewan PA. Distal Hypospadias Repair with Preputial Reconstruction. J Paediatr Child Health. 1993; 29:183-184.

    Persson-Junemann C, Seemann O, Kohrmann KU, Potempa D, Junemann KP, Alken P. Correction of Distal Hypospadias: Ventral Adaptation of the Prepuce and Meatal Advancement. Urol Int. 1993; 51:216-219.

    Hoebeke PB, De Kuyper P, Van Laecke E. 'Batman Excision' of ventral skin in hypospadias repair, clue to aesthetic repair (point of technique). Eur Urol. 2002; 42(5):520-2.

    Gray J, Boston VE. Glanular reconstruction and preputioplasty repair for distal hypospadias: a unique day-case method to avoid urethral stenting and preserve the prepuce. BJU Int. 2003; 91(3):568-70.

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    Leclair MD, Camby C, Battisti S, Renaud G, Plattner V, Heloury Y. Unstented tubularized incised plate urethroplasty combined with foreskin reconstruction for distal hypospadias. Eur Urol. 2004; 46(4):526-30.

  9. And to whomever "George" is- I am not making this decision lightly. The surgery is something that will help him as an adult- for you know... future things he might want to do... with a lady. Not just to let him "stand while peeing." Thanks for the information, though!
    And wow: hot-button issue indeed! (no circ- I've seen your site, it doesn't seem to have very reputable information)

  10. Who knew circumcision was so controversial?? Is it the new breat- or formula-debate? : )

    I hope everything goes very well. My boss's grandson had this surgery last year, and it went very smoothly. Praying for a quick and easy recovery, and peace for you!

  11. If you do a bit more research, you may understand why foreskin amputation will do FAR more harm to your son's future sex life than having semen ejaculate at a different angle (if that's what you mean by "you know".) I'm confused by what you say about NoCirc--are you referring to http://www.nocirc.org ? What did you think was disreputable? NoCirc is an internationally respected United Nations NGO-roster. Please read the website, or call and speak with someone at NoCirc. If you do the research, you can better protect your son. For one thing, research will help you understand why male and female circumcision are considered the same: just as the clitoris contains the bulk of erogenous nerve endings in the female, the foreskin contains the bulk of erogenous nerve endings in the male. It is essential for a complete sexual experience. Perhaps your doctor does not know these anatomical and sexual facts--a lot of this information is missing from American medicine. There is a reason why educated surgeons preserve the foreskin in hypospadias repair surgery! I spoke about repair surgery with a Swedish urologist at a medical conference last year. He, like other physicians I've met from around the world, was HORRIFIED that American physicians know so little about foreskin anatomy. Please protect your son. There is no reason for surgery today that he may not even need, and may very well resent, in the future.

  12. I highly doubt that my son will resent his circumcision. All the males in my family have had it done- and I've asked every one of them. They couldn't care less. He needs a graft using the skin so he can "salute the guards." Leaving him like this would mean that a full erection would be near impossible or painful as there is not enough skin on his undersides.
    And while I HAVE done my research- I simply do not agree with you. So you can be assured I am not going into this in ignorance. Just because we disagree does not make me wrong. I can find a million citations that can argue against your case, too. In fact, while penile cancer is rare- it is extremely deadly, and circumcision lowers the risk significantly. (I cannot remember the exact percentile)

  13. This is NOT a discussion about whether your child should be circumcised. Hypospadias is an absolute contraindication for circumcision.

    I am not in a position to assess whether your son should or should not have an operation to correct his hypospadias.

    That depends upon the degree of the hypospadias more than anything else.

    You may have a choice between leaving the hypospadias uncorrected if it is a mild case or a choice between a procedure that preserves the natural appearance of the penis or a procedure that created a circumcised looking penis.

    My only advice to you is that the present condition is not life-threatening and you have time to do your research and make your decision.

    You may be interested to learn that the incidence of circumcision in the United States has dropped once again and is now at 55 percent, which means that 45 percent of boys go home from the hospital with an intact penis. There is no evidence that circumcised boys enjoy better health in any way.