Workin' Hard for the Body

It seems to be the conundrum of all new moms. Just how am I supposed to work off this baby weight... with a new baby mucking up any sort of schedule?! The whole weight thing has always been a struggle for me. My awesome college body was spectacular- and I miss it- and wish I would have relished in it more instead of constantly aiming for the next size down. Lame.

After the twins I was stressed to the max. I had just recently quit my job. It was my first time staying at home 24/7, and I eat when I'm stressed out. So I ate. A lot. There was nothing else to do really. I was either sitting there feeding for hours on end as one finished, the other was ready, and the cycle seemed to start back up again as soon as it ended. It sucked. I lost a good amount of weight soon after the c-section... I mean c'mon, 12 lbs. of sheer babies, then all the yucky stuff... so it added up. But then I started packing on the pounds and I quickly reached the heaviest I had ever been. (including the twin pregnancy) I kind of just relegated myself to being the fat girl for the rest of my life.

I didn't know how to fix it! Those who are really trying to loose weight, and actually loose it have learned that food isn't really the problem. It's exercise. Without a big dose of movement, your crazy diet isn't going to help that much. So about 2 years after the girls' birth I started a regimen. (with the help and peer pressure of my cousin) I did a Pilates routine during naptime, and I went on jogs with my double jogging stroller. I loved having the girls with me when I "worked out" because it was a great time waster for the mornings, made the day fly by, and everyone involved had a good, relaxing time!
I lost a lot of weight. (of course, being me, I was never satisfied, but whatever. <--- wow, into commas are we?) Then I got pregnant again. Now I'm back to square one. I have lost some- but I've got the paunch. And I'm in semi-fat pants. I need to get back to normal.

The logistics of it all is confusing. I tried to do the walking thing. But my jogging stroller is broken. (don't buy InStep- I am currently harassing them as we speak over this) My triple is too unwieldy to jog/walk with unless absolutely necessary. And I have to strap the boy to my person- which gets hot. Oh, and did I mention the 115 degree heat that is coming in the near future? And I would just go back to Pilates during nap- but I need naptime to fold laundry, try in vain to take a nap of my own, and feed the baby.

So new plan! In the morning before the girls' breakfast, and after Little Man has eaten and is gearing up to take a full-tummy-induced-nap, I break out the yoga mat, flick on the DVD, and I do some pilates. Bunny has been exceptionally interested in this and does it alongside me! Boy, is that girl limber! She can do most of the exercises, and simply has a ball!

She's quite the task-master! She never wants to stop Pilates! (Squirt is kinda sick, but I think she's scared about the whole thing anyway- what a shock) This new system is working out great. I'm a subscriber to doing your exercise with the kids. Naptime is time for rest- not to tone up your abs and get rid of the doughnut butt.
Plus I'm hoping to instill a love of fitness in the kids- a love that I wish I had. I seriously don't understand these people who just love to run, and do triathlons in their spare time. But those people have amazing physiques, and are probably healthier for it. I hope my kids can be like that. (and nothing like me in this regard)


  1. I am SO there too! I eat when I'm stresed and hello this year? short sell, rookie school pay cut, starting a business, moving, new baby, yes, the chocolate was calling my name. a little secret I just discovered- INSANITY! its by beachbody and it's the same level of P90X- don't let it intimidate you- I couldn't do a push up and I saw the people, marathon runners, spin instructors dying during this workout- and it isn't easy- but it gets easier. 20 different workouts over 60 days and I haven't changed my giet at ALL- 7 lbs already!and seriously I ate kfc and dq for dinner last night- mashed potato bowl and brownie earthquake too- fattening foods! Each workout is appx 40 minutes and it burns 1000 calories an hour! yep! and it SUCKS literally the first two weeks- but itgets easier- energy- ect- I am now going to add in my yoga and pilates along with insanity because I have no intention of changing my eating- lets be honest- if you WANT you can borrow the first week and give it a shot- you'll hate it bt love the results- and all you need is workout shoes and a waterbottle and it is AWESOME! the workouts are different every day too! Ryan has even commented that my abs are tighter and my pouch- cus I've got one big time is shrinking! halfway though it too! I'd lose moreif I changed my eating but eh- some things in life I wont give up- and yes- I do it when hailyn is awake- because it DOES set an example (she did lunges earlier- so cute!) and also rest time isfor mommy to relax and perhaps crack open a diet coke (or a dr. pepper in my case!) happy working out:) and say no to working out outside in 115 degree weather! sheesh marathon runners! what the heck!

  2. Another Morris trait . . .eat when anxious!!! I packed on the pounds when my dad was sick and boy, it's not pretty! I did the HCG shots and lost but it makes you feel like a slug all day long because you can only eat 500 calories a day!
    I've started loving pilates too and have even started jogging--well, some people could call it jogging. Walk, run a few steps, walk . . .you get the idea. But, at least you have an excuse. I can't really go for the baby weight excuse when I have adopted!! It was funny for the first few months after Hope was born, but now, it's more like. . ."No, really. why did she gain weight when she just adopted?! Weirdo."

  3. Lacie- there is no way you are getting me to do those crazy workouts. No way, Jose! I need something calm- something that I like to do or else I don't do it. I have very little self control. But thanks for the offer!

    And Whit- you do my kind of "jogging." :)