Siblings and Potty Training

I was really worried there for a while. I could just envision the girls getting super jealous and doing horrible things to their baby brother, the kinds of things I did to my baby brother. (Sorry Trent, but you still stole my $6) But while they do have jealousy issues, it seems to be directed more at me than Little Man. They downright love their little brother! (I still have to keep an eye on them because they love him just a bit too much sometimes)

They always want to hold him, play with him (more like pile all their toys in his lap), and "pet the baby." They have a slight obsession with rubbing their hands on his head... especially when he's sleeping. They have the best of intentions, but that still leaves me with a startled-awake-baby.

Anyway. So that is going well, sibling relations. The potty training, however. Not so much.

Yesterday was particularly terrible. The Squirt vacillated between wanting to sit on the potty and being completely and utterly scared and begging me to "help" her. There was also a fight over Dora and Hello Kitty panties. There was crying. There was peeing on my floors. There was me screaming "We are big girls now! We don't wear diapers! Babies wear diapers! AND YOU ARE NOT BABIES!" There was random diapers in various stages of "use" strewn about my house. (they now know how to take off their own diapers... oh goody...) I swear, I had simply had enough.

And that is when the calvary swooped in and buoyed me up in the form of a facebook comment from a friend with twin boys that are a couple years older than my girls. She gets it. She understands. She told me that potty training two at the same time is like the Survivor theme:

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

You may all be chuckling a little bit. But I'm serious. I need to get my head in this game. Outlast being one of the trickier points of potty training twins. That gave me the boost, the mindset that I needed.

This is guerrilla warfare. (the worst kind because feces are involved) So now I have a new mantra: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. I am not only going to win the battle, (getting someone, anyone to keep a pair of panties clean for a couple hours) nay, I am also going to win the war! (getting both to be in dry panties full time!)


  1. Too Funny!! Where is Minima when we need her? She would have all the answers for potty training twins! But maybe "us" (the perfect little twins) got it the first go- around (I highly doubt it!) But I love your battle cry: Outwit-outplay-outlast

    btw, I have a method I invented, that worked with Analese, who was next to impossible to train, and have shared it with many, with some good results. (I think Aimee will vouch for it) call or email if I can help.

  2. Ooooh! I need that! Email it to me: craftyashley@gmail.com! Thanks, Aunt Terri!

    And I'm sure you and dad were simply perfect and got it on the first try. He also insists this is the case. :)

  3. LOVE this! they are such good big sisters! as not having twins or ever potty trained a child myself all I offer is my sympathy! I will be training Hailyn someday- but doing TWO at the same tie! wow! you are wonder woman to me! my mother in law (runs a daycare and has pottytrained about 100 kids- I swear) including twin boys- and she did one first and the other second- it didn't hurt self esteem or anything- she just chose the more leader one and then praised him- then brother followed along! she didn't make such a huge fuss but enough to know what they did was important. shesaid eventually all kids get there-my mother in law staked out camp at home and the boy(s) ran around in the buff (minus the shirts) forthree days- when they wouldstart to go- she took them and told them to go in the potty- they got it after three days ofthis! she juiced them up and made them sit on the potties before naptime too- until they went- with books ect- so anyhow, there's one story/example, maybe ithelps or maybe not but again not having experience I only offer my sympathy and admiration for what you do (you are a rockstar!)anyhow good luck:) they'll get it! and sweet sweet pictures!:)

  4. First, SO ADORABLE!

    Second, Outwit = pretend you do not care. In the words of a famous deorderant commercial, "don't let them see you sweat." If they think you want it that bad, they will (like all children) go the opposite way. Good luck!!! :-)