Simple Things

Who knew that splashing around on a wet patio could be so fun? I thought the girls would simply scream if they had to wait for a new canvas to chalk on. But nay! I washed the colors off, and the girls splashed around until it was dry... like perfect angel children would. Sometimes I underestimate them!

Also, have you met Mr. Frog? He protects our house from the big scary bugs. (sometimes he doesn't do a great job... but I'm sure he tries) The girls have tried to kiss him. (ewwww) Next time you're a visitor at our house, give Mr. Frog a nod. He's cool.

And Also, (#2) on the underestimating my lovely little fairies, we were standing in a long line at the post office today. I had baby in stroller, which was laboring under the weight of the package... and I watched as three little tykes ran circles around the entire store- seriously, touching everything. My kids? They almost clung to my legs- I think they were scared of the houligans! Yay! I was super proud to have my brood under control (cause I'm very rarely that mom!)

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