Sour and Things

First of all, I semi-finished my projects in the wee hours of last night (I stayed up until a whopping 10pm!) But now I'm all self-conscious and I don't know if I can make what I did look good in any light. This feeling was helped along when I showed my husband the nursery and he said "That matches? With that... and THAT? And that! (chuckling) That's a whole lot of prints- that don't match!" Thanks, husband. That commentary of my nursery decorating is exactly what I needed.

Also, how many bins of sour cream should one family have in their fridge? 'Cause I'm thinking three is too many. I don't even know how we got three things of sour cream! I think they might have the ability to reproduce.

Yet another thing: Would you guys consider doing this ThredUp? It's a clothing swap- all you pay for is shipping, or if you get a Pro membership, $30/yr. I'm kind of wondering if I could get some good stuff for the kids (although I'm pretty  attached to the girls' matching) 

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  1. Hey at least your sour cream is reduced fat! We have one of those Costco super size tubs in our fridge. I am sure it is equal to 3 tubs and it is NOT reduced fat. So where does that put me?