So sometimes, it is true, my daughters insist on eating dessert before dinner. (I know!) But we, as mean and terrible parents, make them eat all of the nutritious food we put before them in advance of any and all sweet treats.

The Bunny was being quite obstinate, and as a result, we all walked away and let her pout to herself. No more than five minutes later, I glance over and beheld the state of affairs happening at my very own dining room table and let out a large gasp in horror.

That is when Bunny started bawling. (and I grabbed my camera)

Somebody got a little "creative" with their yogurt. And possibly learned a lesson on leverage while catapulting yogurt everywhere. While I do endorse learning, I do not endorse messes.


  1. She still looks cute even though she is so grumpy!

  2. hahaha! that is too funny! (not that she refused to eat her yogurt) but STILL!!! love it! and seriously- no dessert BEFORE dinner- mean mommy!lol! hailyn insists on that rule too- um no! silly kiddies!