Graffiti in My Backyard

Against my better judgement (well, the part of me that cringes at just the thought of a "mess") I bought sidewalk chalk. The girls, of course, were thrilled. Good thing we needed a bath anyway.

My aversion to all things remotely messy is slowly fading away. I think motherhood will do that to you. My kids have been known to sport peanut butter in the corners of their smiles, their hair is often a bird's nest (as they refuse to let me do anything to it) And they may, at times, look like ragamuffins. (not to mention the sad state of my house) But guess what? Life goes on! We all take a bath, I do a load of dishes, and while nothing and nobody around here would pass a white glove test, it's ok! We're having fun. Making memories that at least I know I will treasure for a lifetime. 


  1. TRUE!!!! As long as my house is sanitary (ya know- it gets cleaned twice a year-JUST KIDDING!LOL!) but it is importnat to take time out and play with your kids- the dishes- get done eventually, the laundry? gets done eventually- we all manage! how fun! and hailyn wil join the ragamuffin clan with ya'll;)but we're happy! love this post!

  2. You are such a good mom, Ashley. Those kiddos are lucky to have you.