Good Boy

I may be a wee bit biased, but my Little Man is so awesome. He's quiet, well mannered, and so very patient. He is quite probably the most perfect specimen of a baby. There are very few people who have actually heard him cry.

I do so enjoy this little boy

So I'm happy, I'm actually quite content! Yesterday was crazy with lots to do, but in the evening things had calmed down. Of course, Little Man was happy and easy going through everything. To decompress from the running and the going, I sat on the couch and looked for a few presents for the little baby by my side. You see, I constantly shop for presents all year long. There's Christmas in December, and I have three children whose birthdays are all in January. So I shop all year long and sock the special presents away in the under the stairs closet. (shhh, don't tell the kiddos) I have a couple for the twins already, but none for the little guy yet. Shopping for boy toys is kind of fun! There are a couple things that a little boy simply must have. A big dump truck, and a big recycling truck. (My Dad is gagging on his Diet Coke as we speak)

I am so grateful for my kids today. (especially since the girls were really sick yesterday, so I get to stay home in my pajamas today and relax while the kids suck on freezer pops and watch movies) I probably do not say this enough, but even though my life is a crazy sizzling mess, I do love it. (almost) Every minute of it.

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  1. he is such a sweetie!! Buying toys all year long is truly the only way to go (otherwise YIKES!) ESP with three birthday right after christmas! yaoza! Just plan on your daughters pkaying with the dump trucks too;)