What I'm Thinking...

... as I go through Craigslist ads... (I am always on the lookout for the perfect headboard, like this)

... That's not "antique." It's early nineties white lacquered wrought iron.

... That's not "elegant." It's quite possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

... No, I'm not paying $300 for your old, scratched up, beyond crappy headboard that not even Goodwill would accept.

... Really? There are cats carved into the wood? Holy crap, that's weird.

... Just say no to mauve floral prints.

... Words such as "gorgeous" and "designer" should not describe anything with a whitewash finish.

... I don't know what's worse- that bedroom set, or the wallpaper behind it.

Ok, craigslisters. Let's get real. If you want to get rid of your crap, just say so- and price it accordingly.

I've also been on the lookout for a small/medium sized beanie baby collection because I think the girls would go crazy for the random animals. Beanie Baby ads are hilarious. I feel bad for all these people who have collected them by the hundreds, been trampled to get the newest edition, treasured them as "investments." They all have "tag protectors" and one even has a printed "bio" of each animal. I have to chuckle a bit.

And don't offer those beanie baby people less than what's posted! They get offended easily. Especially after I tell them that I plan on ripping the tags off and handing them over to two three year olds. You'd think I was informing them I was going to steal their cat(s).

If anyone has a beanie baby collection (of more than just boring bears) and would like to donate them to the cause of entertaining my kids- send them my way!

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