Two to Three

Ok, so I thought I was busy with the twins. I thought I was stressed out with two kids. I thought I was going a little nutty with the two kids at the same time.

I was wrong, people.

Ever since little man has come into our lives, I have been busy. Looking back at twindom, I started noticing all the time they slept! All the TV I watched during the hour long feedings of two infants! All the food I inhaled because I thought I was stressed to the max. Ha! That was literally child's play!

Now breakfast is a myth to me now. By about 3pm I usually realize my entire caloric consumption has come from the lemonade I drank while driving in the car.... wait... that is Crystal Light... so there's like, no calorie consumption there- well anyway. (so why is Ashley not scary-supermodel-skinny yet? Probably because I scarf a Lunchable during the girls nap... followed by three... ok, four... Hostess Cupcakes)

I have ventured off into a land of crazy that far surpasses anything my poor husband has experienced before. Because of the slight issue with our current highchairs- I have turned our house UPSIDE DOWN. I have made twelve stops to random stores over the past two days! (and both of those days I had some variation of children with me!) I have taken almost everything off the walls in a massive re-organization, re-decoration, marathon madness that was simply spurred by this minor highchair annoyance.

I have gone berserk, people. And I don't know why.

Oh! And I meant to write about formula! Meh. I had something all catchy and interesting about how little man is on this super-special formula now. I guess I'll fill you in on that situation too: These formula manufacturers have decided that this super-special formula needs to be a) ridiculously pricey, b) hard to find, and c) come in tiny containers. Why the tiny containers?! I get that it's expensive and hard to find because there are few babies that require it- I get that. (not happy about it, but I at least have the brain capacity to understand) But why the TINY containers? Do these babies eat WAY less than normal babies just because they are allergic to milk/soy protein? Last time I checked, no. No, they take just as much formula as normal babies. So why can't we buy it in large canisters like all the other normal parents do? I know they would cost a fortune, but guess what? The ten tiny cans that I load up on the belt at the supermarket could finance a large motorbike as well! But at least I wouldn't have to fiddle around with and try to store TEN TINY CANS OF FORMULA! Are we supposed to make ten separate trips to buy these tiny cans? I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the time or patience for that. The staff at Smith's already know me by name. I think they would become downright annoyed with seeing my unwashed hair that often.

Just a note, Enfamil.... and Similac. (also while I have you here, Similac, your powder is SUPER CLUMPY and I hate you. So I'm spending thrity cents more an ounce on Enfamil because thirty cents is worth the no-clumping thing to me)


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  1. Taygen had the same allergy I know exactly how you feel on the formula! And you have to shake the dog out of it just to mix the bottle! Try diapers.com at least you could order a bunch and they ship for free and you get it like the next day. I've started using the all the time:)