Robots Attack!

I'm working on decorating the nursery- right after re-decorating the main floor. And I think I've decided on all things robots. I've found some awesome etsy shops too. (who turned me on to etsy? Whoever you are- bad, bad, friend!)

1. Bam Pop! Pretty awesome giclee prints!

2. JimBot! Check out his alphabot!

3. Mike & Jamie Best A little dark at times, but some cute stuff nonetheless!

4. Modern Pop! Great triptych for kids!

5. John W. Golden My all time favorite shop so far! Take a peek at his "by order of the mgmt series!" It's hilarious!

6. More John W. Golden- I just couldn't resist!


  1. Love John Golden. I have his stuff up in the loft and it's so cute! Happy Decorating.

  2. I think a robot thing is such a good idea! I can't wait to see it all finished. You really are "CRAFTY" Ashley!