Happy Siblings

Follow me on a journey, a journey tracking the elusive sight of siblings getting along... for a second fooling those in the immediate area into thinking we are all just one big, happy family all the time. That life is just sunshine and roses at our house all the sunny day long... because, really, that's what it's like. (huge, gigantic eye roll)

We hold hands and skip towards the store with nary a complaint!

We smile and look back at the camera just as mommy asks!

We share our toys with a certain little brother:
(who may or may not be totally asleep and oblivious)

We play with little brothers and include them in our games:
(again- even if they are in the state described above)

I am so grateful, because these precious times make all the other times of the potty training, the screaming, the fighting, the madness, all so very worth it.

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