I cannot stop! Last night I told myself. Ok, Ash. Pull yourself together. You can't just go around buying every little thing that strikes your fancy. Eventually you will drain your bank account... and then the husband will know. And he'll get mad. Especially because you've chewed him out on occasion for buying Rockstar drinks while at work. Kinda hypocritical, Ash. Especially since you're dropping $60 or more on any random store.

But still. I want these teething necklaces more than I want food. (and that's a lot) In both blue and black. Mother's Day is coming up! And our anniversary! (too bad husband doesn't read my blog- and for good reason... I'd get in a fair amount of trouble if he did)

And if anyone wants invites to the members only sites under "feeling spendy" let me know. The Mini Social, Zulily, and bTrendie have some really awesome deals as of late. Even Totsy had a $1200 watch for like $300. (I still would never spend three hundred bucks on a watch- more to come on my own personal watch drama later)

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