The Watch Story

(also, how I was forced to step foot into a Wal Mart)

So here is my normal deal with watches: I must have one on at all times. If I do not know the time at any given second, I am a lost puppy who is late for everything and stares longingly at a bare wrist. I just have to know what time it is! So all this wearing usually creates lots of scratches, and um, wear. So I don't spend a lot on watches! I buy a semi-decent one; one that won't turn my wrist green (it's happened, sadly) and whenever the battery stops, I buy a new one.

Well lately, I've been losing everything. And I mean everything. My sunglasses, my watch, about ten binkies, (no joke) my cell phone, my keys, you name it- I've lost it for an extended period of time. Well I finally broke down. I had been a whole week and a half without my watch. I looked everywhere. Not to be found. However, I did manage to turn up an old watch of mine whose battery had stopped working at 9:00 on the 12th of some random month a couple years ago. It was a nice watch. One I had actually splurged a little on because I liked it that much. And being able to wear something that Michael Kors designed made me giddy with glee. (because I'm materialistic like that)

So I resolved to quit being so wasteful and just put in the time and energy to get the battery changed in the darned thing. I asked dear husband where I could do such a thing. It seems so random of a request- to change a tiny battery. He suggested Wal Mart. I gave a big 'ol harumph and asked "where else?" I have issues with Wal Mart- and will probably offend all you Wal Mart patrons out there. But I'm a little snobby about certain things, and Wal Mart is one of them. He said that Target probably did the same thing. But I vaguely remembered spying a sign (I'm in there like three times a week- so me and the Target are pretty well-acquainted with each other) that stated they no longer changed batteries on watches. Oh no. Was I going to have to go to Wal Mart? Didn't jewelers do this kind of thing? (I don't buy jewelry so I wouldn't know) But this watch was also no Rolex. I didn't wanted to be openly mocked by Mr. Diamond-seller-man on my paltry Michael Kors watch. It's better than a Timex, but certainly worse than a Rolex, or a Citizen. So I went to Wal Mart.

And boy- was my hatred of Wal Mart well founded indeed. It was a veritable treasure trove of specimens... especially if you were looking to create your own circus. Once you see a mullet and sleeveless shirts, you know you're in a Wal Mart. The lighting was even really dim... like weirdly dim. They were clearly trying to hide the layers of dirt on the floor... Even my house can look like the inside of the Taj Mahal in dim enough lighting. So I went up to what passes as a jewelry counter and asked if they replaced watch batteries. The nice enough lady said "Yes! If it's one that we sell! Is it one we sell?" I didn't want to openly insult her, so I said no, and walked away.... fuming. I called my husband and yelled at him for making me walk into a Wal Mart. A feat I had avoided for over 5 years! He broke my five year streak! (and even before then it was him who made me go to Wal Mart. Sure, his soap was a bit cheaper there. But eventually I decided to just pay the fifty cents more for his soap at Target simply to avoid a trip to Wal Mart. I have principles!

And on the way to my car, I saw two middle aged dudes sitting behind a 1998 Honda Civic, with bandanas on their heads, holding the leash for a pit bull. Just sitting around... dare I say lounging... in the parking lot of a Wal Mart. Consider my point made.

So then I tried my favorite jeweler. He fixed my wedding ring a year or so ago- and I remember I liked him a lot. He's an old Greek man, he's the only guy that's ever in the shop- and I'm convinced he's like a master jeweler or something. I would probably have him custom design a new wedding set for me if I could afford it. He popped my watch open in dedicated silence with the funny jewelers goggles and hunched over to work. In about a minute or so, he brought it back over and told me it needed a cleaning, but it could wait... threw in another battery and only charged me $10 for the service. I like him so much I gave him a twenty and went on my way.

So if you're in the market for actual jewelry- I have a guy for ya! Freij jewelers. You could just drop by and say hi to him. He likes to talk about crazy drivers and LA traffic... and he's hilarious. But then, please buy some of his pretty jewelry. I want to be able to have the option to do the same when I "come into some money" someday... if ever.


  1. I was Sooooo on the same bandwagon about Walmart! Always went to Target even If had to pay a little extra for items. That is until...they built one just down the street from my house. It's not your regular run-of-the-mill Walmart. It is a cute, small cottage looking Walmart. And since it is built in a pretty affluent neighborhood you don't see the usual "crazies". (not that WE are affluent:) I still avoid all other regular Wal-marts like the plague.

  2. I hate Walmart and am very thankful that there is not even a cottage like one any where in the five boroughs. But all the crazies go to Target so I have to avoid that as well.