Sadly, It Happened

I came down the stairs huffing and puffing like I had just run a marathon. But I was dressed, and that was a victory.

The Husband:  Your face is all flushed! What were you doing up there? 

Me:  My Spanx and I had a bit of a heated disagreement. I think I was victorious. But let me tell you... they did not submit without a pretty substantial fight. I need to loose this weight.

The Husband: Then perhaps you should stop buying sour cream doughnuts (o.m.g. try those immediately if you have not) and brownies.

Me: ...or everything in my closet should just fit awesomely and I wouldn't even need the control-top pantyhose! Much less have a battle royale upstairs with an inanimate object anytime I need a flatter tummy.

In other news, I think I am going to try a Bella Band. As I've stated before, I don't think this sagging belly skin is going away any time soon. (pout) And I refuse to buy more clothes to fit this hideous figure I've got going on. Until I look better, I will be wearing yoga pants and a large t-shirt. It's gotten so bad I'm ashamed to even slide my pilates DVD into the player because I can't stand the thought of letting Ellen see me like this. (Ellen Barrett is the Pilates instructor that I have a mad girl-crush on)


  1. Well you're welcome to come join me if you want... Bart has decided he's going to start P90X and that I should do it too.... want to die for 90 days and then look smoking hot? (I think that's there advertisement motto...) Your girls can come play with my crazy boys and maybe we can lose this unfortunate side effect together? No? Okay, then drop off some sour cream doughnuts the next time you buy them (By the way, where are those from, I've never heard of those...)

  2. Sour cream doughnuts from Smith's. They only have them once in a while. They are usually by the nasty powdered doughnuts.