Follow through

I actually did something that I'd filed away in my cob-web infested brain! The girls had their best friend over for a last playdate. (best friend is moving out of state this week- very sad!) I got out the big guns, and we made a craft! Remember when I commented that I wanted to try this? I actually did it. (amazing!) Here is what I've dubbed "the I-Spy bottles:"

The kids are not super impressed with them. But I am ecstatic! How cool is it?! So cool! And I impressed the pants off of best friend's mommy. (it's nice not to be the under-achiever-mom once in a while) Can you believe I did this all on the fly?! (I owe the husband three drinks now... but still) This was all done with stuff I found around the house because this playdate was super-last-minute. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have been "fun-mom" for a couple hours.


  1. We have made these a couple of times and my kids love them. If you want to step it up a notch, start by using food coloring to color the rice. Let it dry and then let them pick what color(s) they want.

  2. I thought about the food coloring. But that seemed messy. Very, very messy... and stainable. :)