Lovey Dovey Stuff

I feel the need to thank my husband on an open forum this weekend- our anniversary weekend. For seven years he has put up with me, and not once has he walked out the door muttering "to hell with it..." This is pretty much a feat of amazing resiliency and strength. It's really freaking me out how fast this all has gone. (I know, everyone says that, but really!) Seven whole years with three gorgeous and wonderful children.

We started off our marriage in one of the cheapest apartments I could find that was in my relevant comfort range. (ie: I was not worried about getting shot on my way to the grocery store) That tiny one bedroom place was a dump. On one occasion in the early morning, I felt a little tickle on my arm as a I slept. I was semi-conscious that the husband was getting ready for work, so I opened my eyes... to see a large cockroach skittering up my arm... towards my face.  Yes. We had a budget of $20 a week for groceries. We ate a lot of pb&j, burritos, and graham crackers for dessert. We were poor. We were both students. I had a posh job at the University, and the husband worked a grueling two jobs while maintaining his classes as well. He woke up at 2am to go to work, raced home to get ready for school, and then as I was heading home for the night, I'd drop him off at the pizzeria. It was amazing to me how he was willing to sacrifice for me, for the future of our family.

He still sacrifices every day for us. A year into our marriage, the husband realized that financially, a band teacher's salary wouldn't cut it if we had a family. He was adamant that I not have to work, so I could stay home with our kids. He wanted to give us a good life. So he worked harder, traded in his dream job for a physically and mentally demanding profession that keeps us in a beautiful home, and provides for the crazy demands of twin girls, and a newborn little man. He loves those kids like crazy- he's an awesome Dad. He doesn't want his "space" after he's been hauling heavy packages around- he wants to rough house with the girls. He wants to cuddle with the baby.

The traditional gift of the seventh anniversary is either wool or copper. Nobody in this desert has need for a wool cable knit sweater! So I booked him a massage for today. And I'm taking him out to get some new clothes. (he is against this part of the plan- but the last time the man bought new clothes was at least three years ago. I'm glad he's low-maintenance in this way... but c'mon!) And food will be had. Good food.
Because I can't believe we made it this far without killing each other. And look! We still actually love each other! Exceeding expectation is worth celebrating!


  1. awww congrats!!! no seven year itch for you guys!!! what a man! I respect a man that puts his families needs ahead of his own selfish desires and Logan fits the bill! kudos!!! I hope you have an amazing anniversary and CONGRATS!!!!:)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Enjoy your massages, that sounds like bliss! :)

  3. What a sweet tribute to your husband. I loved it!

  4. Great tribute to seven years of marriage! Happy Anniversary!