He Got Me

Every year! Every year my husband comes up with some dang good April Fool's pranks! And every year I totally space April 1st as anything more that any other day!

Let me set the stage for you:
Last night the girl's informed us that their highchairs were "bloken." Further inspection revealed that our just over a year old, quite pricey highchairs were falling apart (I'm super mad, and have emailed the manufacturer thusly with a scathing letter complete with pictures. As well as have gone onto amazon.com, babies r us, and epinions.com and have left bad reviews. That highchair maker is going to feel my wrath) Anyway... no more highchairs means the girls are going to have to eat at my favorite table in all the world- and preparations need to be made to a) protect my freakin' table, and b) make room for them to even eat off of it. (our dining room table is the catch-all for pretty much... everything. This requires an entire overhaul of our entire downstairs organization system and will probably include a couple new pieces of furniture and these (which I ordered at midnight last night) I was up until about 12:30 last night reorganizing, purging, shuffling, etc. This is unheard of, as I'm usually sacked out by 9:30 or 10:00 at night.
Little Man decided to add insult to injury and woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:00am. After his 4:00 feeding, he was way too awake, gurgling, cooing, and smiling at me for any rational baby and he didn't drift off into blissful baby sleep until like 5:30.

WELL... I was dreaming about petting adorable purple ducks at a tranquil pond, complete with a string quartet playing blissful chords in the background at 7:45 this morning when Logan barged in the room and shook me awake. "Honey, we have a problem." he said. (I am quite accustomed to hearing this from my dear husband as he seems to be the most accident-prone, unfortunate person I've ever met) He continued, "Since Bunny had that breakthrough last night..." (which she did- praise all that is good and holy...) "I thought I would put them to bed in their panties last night instead of diapers... and well..." That's when the terrible, poopy, horrifying images flashed through my head of what I would find when I entered their room. The idea of physically scrubbing out all of the feces from their darling fairy bedsets made every muscle in my body recoil in agony.

And then the husband topped it all of with "APRIL FOOL'S, HONEY!"

Dear readers, it is nothing short of divine intervention on a colossal scale that my husband just left for work with all his appendages, free of any and all maiming that I so deeply wanted to inflict on him.

I've been had. And I was in no mood.

Now I'm off to Little Man's first immunization appointment, (oh joy) Sam's Club, the grocery store, Home Goods, the bank, and I'm going to try and fit Babies R Us in there too. Thank goodness for a particularly brave brother who is willing to come hold down this fort of urine and tears for a few hours...

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  1. You've heard about all the stuff that happens to Liz and you still think Logan is the most accident prone person you have ever met? Maybe it's genetic ;)

    I try to "get" my husband about every 3 years. I think I will skip this year, although I am about 3 weeks from my due date. Hmmm....