Photo Diary! Outing!

Catch up with the morning edition of photo diary!

So, little detour back home to pick up a tiny business card, and the day was back on track!

The only park that was reasonably close enough to the entrance. And I found out why.
Note to drivers: if you can't back into a space and leave a reasonable amount of atmosphere around your vehicle... then you do not possess the ability to back into spaces and should stop trying to do so. It's stupid anyway- when I open my doors- they want to hit your side mirrors. And that's if there's a good distance between cars! I won't admit to leaving some of my paint on your van getting the baby's carseat out. But even if I did. You would had deserved it.

On the walk in, The Bunny scraped her knee on the pavement.... and demanded a Kai Lan bandaid... a bandaid that I did not have on my person. Note to self: carry bandaids in your gigantic purse, you idiot!

Shopping with lots of people that can't/shouldn't walk on their own.

$1 a night is only a deal if you remember to return it after fewer than four days. Most of the time I end up paying $6+ to rent a movie. (it was kind of worth it, though. Julie & Julia is a great flick!)

Big thanks to a grandma who babysits. Three small children. Who would sign up for such a feat of strength and mental fitness? My mom! That's who! She will probably also disown me for snapping this "action" shot.

And! My Studio J layouts came in the mail! I had to stop and marvel at the cuteness.

Bunny did also. That girl can identify her grandma, alright! And that is what made me L.A.T.E. for my appointment.

This is what I do when going ZERO MILES PER HOUR WHEN I AM LATE! (I photograph my frustration)

And then happily, as I'm going as fast as I am legally allowed to... never faster... no, never... (choke/laugh)

No pics of the doctor's. I was late, left the camera in the drink holder, and then talked myself into being ok with that fact because I did not want to be the crazy loon snapping away at a surgeon's office. I also didn't want to ask Dr. Slicer & Dicer if I could take his picture to put on the internet for no good reason at all. That would have been weird. And I don't want to be known as "the weird one." (HA!)

So next was naptime. (preceded by the intolerably long drive from grandma's home... The Bunny begging for Kai Lan bandaids the entire way)
Little Man was awarded some tummy time. With Scotty being a very scrutinizing over-seer. In which Little Man hastily declined and I had to hold him while making my lunch...

... of apples and cheese. And Cran-Lemonade. It was a blissful twenty minutes.

However, I grow weary of uploading/jostling pictures around and typing while the kids vie for my attention (and perhaps dinner)

I will post the rest of the day if you would like. If not, leave no comments. I'll get the hint. (HA!)


  1. NO NO keep posting! It makes me happy to see that your life is way more eventful than mine!! :) I mean, you have three kids, me.... only ONE! You got it good girl!

  2. Gotta admit, pretty entertaing to see a day in the life of a "crazy mama" like myself. Keep up the pics-love it! By the way, your mom looked cute, I'm sure she won't be mad:)