Photo Diary! Evening!

Following along? Start with morning! Then on to outing! Then you've caught up! (Yes, I know. It's even more exhausting in person!)

Waking up the girls from naps is always dicey. Like a big PROCEED WITH CAUTION sign in neon lights. It could be a reset button for a grumpy toddler, or it could be unleashing the hidden furious tiger within. Scary stuff!

That is why they made TV. Throw in the "Llama Movie," (The Emperor's New Groove- classic!) Gives them a buffer. Add some popcorn? You've got yourself a good foundation for a happy evening!

Taking out the trash. It's a charmed life, people. Charmed.

Toddler dinner x2. (I added the peas just because I was posting this on the internet- I'm calling myself out! I think they were even a bit freezer burned! But one of them- not sure which one- ate most of her peas! Victory is mine!)

Dang TINY CONTAINERS! These last for like, a week. Ugh! It fits into my hands! So frustrating!

Moving on... to dishes! Exciting! (This is where I start to really think- this is so boring! Who is still reading this? It's dishes! But thanks to those of you sticking with me- it's about to get better)

Decided to have the mail migrate from the floor of the car to spread all over the kitchen counters in various "sorted piles." Do you see that one in the middle (for the recycling) it literally says "Life Sucks" on the front. You know what they're advertising for? A church! I kid you not. Glad I wasn't on the ledge or something- that would sure make me step right off. Thanks for the reminder. And no- that does not make me the least bit interested in your "church."

Do I have an awesome cousin? Yes. She sent me this onesie. I was so giddy I may have done a little gig in my kitchen. Isn't it cute?! Thanks, Sarah! (For all of you wondering: I'm getting around to the thank you cards. Been a little hectic here. Perhaps all this "recovering" I will be doing will be spent sending out the thanks.)

While opening this my brain went into a sheer freakout. Like red alert! Core meltdown! Jury summons?! Nooooo! Thankfully, I just had to fill out a "questionnaire." Hopefully nobody wants a hyper-opinionated white girl on their jury. (Don't make me break out the crazy eyes!)

The tickle monster always seems to show up right before bedtime! Why do I do this to myself? Is it because I know I won't see them for a hopeful eleven hours and want them to think of me as "fun mommy" again?! (as opposed to screamy, bossy, and potty training obsessed mommy)

How could I not slap these "giggle monster" jammies on such silly girls? It would be like calling a shark a goldfish... (I dunno either, just making crap up again)

We have the "aaahhhh" part down pretty well when teeth brushing is even mentioned. We're a big fan of clean teeth. (and apparently clean blinds as well... Bunny?)

See? The Squirt really wants to have her teeth brushed with the "pink Dora dress brush." And only the pink-Dora-dress-brush. So please, pink-Dora-dress-brush-makers, please continue to manufacture the pink-Dora-dress-brush, or else I'm going to be in big trouble come bedtime!

.... now if only the girls could read.

Blue baby burrito means I get to clock out as mommy! (and then transform into either wife... or person who dwells on the couch in baggy clothing loosely resembling pajamas... and possibly eating ice cream in large quantities)

Good night, sleep tight! (and quit jumping on the beds, girls!)


  1. It wears me out just hearing about it! You are my hero.

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  3. SERIOUSLY! I dont know how you do it- wonder mom!! and Addie is cleaning blinds-monkey see monkey do!she sees mama cleaning- use it to your advantage- there will come a time when she wont want to help savor it now! hehe- and ejuror? that's new!