Kid Friends

Today we had some fun with a friend painting. (of all the things for a clean freak to do) It was a blast! I still can't believe I gave my kids paint! With only an apron to protect us all! I was pretty sure I would have a meltdown, but instead this weird crafty fun mom emerged. We all had fun! It only slightly bothered me that they weren't coloring in the lines, got different colors mixed in the tiny paint jars, or that some of them simply turned out brown from excessive exuberance with the paint.

And the best part? It all washed off! From my counters, from the kids' arms, faces, hands, etc. It didn't get on the walls! (or the ceilings!) When I thought about three year olds and paint, I kind of pictured something completely different. Like a Jackson Pollock work... all over the house... on every surface... But that isn't what happened at all! It's a miracle! (or I tend to over-exaggerate in my mind)

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  1. You are SUPER MOM! I am so impressed! I guess that means I need to step things up around here.