A Goodbye

We all grew up with kid friends. Those small people that were the accomplices of much tom foolery, of tree climbing, fort building, and imaginary tea parties. I was fortunate to have many kid friends. Friends that lived close, that skipped rope with me, and hopscotched around. My girls had such a friend. There were lots of park visits, playdates, and many a grumpy day turned around by our little friend. There were countless summer afternoons spent lounging in the kiddie pool. I was envisioning all the birthday parties, the first day of school, all the big milestones, and cute lil' best friend was always in those pictures. 

She's moved far, far away and we are almost lost without her. I know there is a large chance my girls won't remember every sweet moment of this adorable friendship, but our tiny best friend will always be in our hearts. Thank goodness for all the little kids that touch our lives.

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