I Left the Dishes!

I left the clean dishes in the dishwasher. I left the laundry in the bins. I left the kitchen a mess. I did all this to play with my kids, on the floor, playing blocks.

Why do I spend so much of my time doing all the other stuff and neglect doing this stuff with my kids? They are so much fun! Sometimes my priorities get all mixed up. I'm glad the girls un-jumbled it for me again.

We also decided that "fruitless plum" is not an accurate description of the tree planted in our backyard.  Perhaps "full of fruit tree" is a better name:


  1. Good for you! I realized that I should be spending more hands on time with my kids too, especially while they still want you to play with them.

  2. We just found some of those same little plum things on our fruitless plum tree too!