Earth Day Spending!

I'm already tired of hearing about Earth Day from the good people in the news media. (and I've only been awake for 2 hours) Ok, yeah. Earth Day. Got it. In fact, right now, in the background there is some guy in a wet suit telling me about the health of the oceans... and the safety of seafood... blah, blah, blah. (I don't eat seafood- it's gross)

So how can Earth Day be fun and not boring and annoying? Buying stuff! There's nothing I like more than a good purchase! So what shiny new toy can you buy in honor of Earth Day? Here's a couple ideas!

Green Toys Tea SetGreen Toys Tea Set. We have this, and love it. It's all from recycled stuff. And the kids can actually eat off of it. Cool! How lame is kids' cooking toys without being able to once and a while throw a piece of bread on there? They also have a cookware set I wish we would have got too.

Gaiam 750ml Aluminum Water Bottle (Tree of Life, Poly Loop Cap)
Stainless Steel Bottles. Get rid of those annoying flats of bottled water. Not only is it a pain to haul into the back of the car, it's so much easier to just refill and wash a bottle. And with a bottle this pretty, how could you resist?

Muu cribs and furniture. Modern. Yummy. (kinda pricey) I got an email a couple days ago about this furniture. (See? Pays to email me!) I am drooling over the style. And the options! Plus the furniture is made from sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes. And they are gorgeous! I am wishing I could do my entire nursery in this. And they have cute kids' room stuff too! Gah! The awesomeness! (Next time when you email, Muu... please also send two of these my way and one of the above pictured cribs...  and anything else you may have just lying around the warehouse. Thanks)

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  1. LOVE stuff!!! i think it's crucial to just live simply- Im not a 'greenie' or anything, but it's just as easy for to toss an empty can of diet coke in my recycling than in the trash- just how I have it set up! simple! I don't eat seafood either- eww! the doc said to try Hailyn out on one kind at a time- we're cheeseburger people here:)