Adventures in Potty Land: Day 3

You mean it's not over yet? Really? The novelty has completely worn off to the girls. (I was done about ten minutes into Monday) They are tired of me asking about the status of their nether regions and what may or may not be poised in the froggy pot.

I even broke out the sacred lollipop to lure over them as a reward. Squirt promptly sat down and released the smallest molecule of urine and requested a pop. I felt personally offended that she thought this was the maximum I would require of her. But she had me. I never specified how much she had to use the potty.

The Bunny however insisted that she receive a lolly for doing absolutely nothing! She would not even sit on the froggy potty! But yet she demanded payment. From all the hard work that Squirt had supposedly done. Oh, no. I had to draw the line somewhere. So I made a statement. I drew my own line in the sand at just throwing coveted lollipops around all willy-nilly. These pops had to be earned! And so I had to bear the wailing... for two hours. But at least I won. At least, I think I won. Bunny didn't get the lollipop, but she didn't sit on the potty either. So really, who "won" there?


I am starting to think we're only going to get so far this week. But it feels like I either know how to operate strictly on diapers or strictly on the potty? How do you do both and still, you know, get out of the house to pick up some more formula? (that we are dangerously low on)

I just don't know how this new landscape of precariously (to not-even-closely) potty trained kids looks like! I don't do well with these kinds of changes. I work hard to function so succinctly with the twins. Once I get things down pat, I dig in my heels.

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  1. It's awful. My little 2 year old did GREAT for 3 weeks and has been back in diapers since!! Totally sucks--I can't imagine training TWO at the same time. Way to hold out on the suckers--you made me proud!

    Be sure to pick up the handy dandy portable potty seats for on the go! They really do work (just need sanitizing between uses!)
    May the force be with you.