Easter Morning

Yes, loyal readers. I am posting Easter morning pictures as they happen! This is practically live, streaming twin news! It's my Easter present to you. (I know, it's just what you've always wanted!)

Who wouldn't be overcome with glee upon seeing the baskets that the Easter Bunny left?

This year we are doing two things we swore to ourselves as parents that we would never do.

#1 give them Play Doh. (But it came in cute pastel eggs!) And I am watching them diligently... and we are not near carpet. (I remember my mother cursing the Doh of Play when she'd find clumps in her carpet- mine was a Play-Doh-free childhood)

#2 give three year olds a gigantic chocolate bunny. Who needs that kind of sugar? Who wants two kids hopped up on that amount of sugar? Apparently the Easter Bunny doesn't mind- since he's out like a trout when the girls wake up and leave us to deal with chocolate induced hysteria.

That sly Bunny.

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  1. I got Jacob the same stuff. Although, he never has any interest in the bunny. Cute pics!