Egg Hunting

I'm one of those Moms that hates to give her kids candy. I'm super-hyper about what they put into their body. (while I down another rice krispy treat- I'm totally hypocritical in that way) So you can only imagine my joy when I found giant eggs with toys inside! We did the same thing last year with great results.

This year I was extra excited because I had tracked down My Little Pony eggs! I was only able to get one set, so the girls also got Kai Lan and Dora toys. (which they probably like better- the Ponies were more for me because upon opening them, I decided they're awesome! I want to play with them, the girls are meh about it)

Here's some pictures. Since the eggs were huge, brightly colored, and the girls were older, we got to "hide" them a bit more, which was fun. The girls were kind of more interested in playing with the pool noodles then opening and playing with the egg contents! (Mommy was bummed about that)

....and they're off!

Addie was quite the unwilling subject. (she's been in a funk for a couple days now) I tried to remind her that these are her memories and she'd better smile for the camera if she wants these memories to be good! That's when she broke out that face. Nice.


  1. those are some HUGE easter eggs!

  2. Their dresses are way cute! Looks like your girls had a blast.

  3. Those are the best eggs - I want some!