Some Things

I'm sorry, but you have a heart of stone if you don't think this is a hilarious hat. And it actually works! Keeps the light and some of the sound (like twin screaming, singing, and yelling) to a minimum so Little Man can sleep.

Speaking of sleep... I took the kids to chase pigeons in the park so they'll take a nice nap this afternoon. It's also quite hilarious to see them run as fast as their tiny stick legs will carry them. One side of the park, to the other side, and back again! Run, run, run! Then sleep, sleep, sleep! (on another note: those pigeons are kind of lazy! If you have two toddlers chasing you down, fly to another park! Not just the other side of the sidewalk!)

I wish everyday could look like this! (See! I should be in Seattle!) It was absolutely beautiful! A great last day before surgery day.


  1. I'll move to Seattle with ya! We actually almost moved there- like scary close! I love this weather too!!! and I totally LOVE the hat! and getting toddlers worn out at the park for nap time! I agree- let's wear them out together this summer:)

  2. Love the hat! I am like you and just think hats are the most adorable accessory (sp?) Where did you find it!? Too cute!

  3. Target of all places! It was on crazy clearance- so I just HAD to snag it.