The "After" and Nursery Snippets

Done! (for future reference, the drill takes longer than 6 hrs. to recharge. However, I eeked enough drill out to slam that hardware right in!) I'm quite pleased with myself. (the husband will be miffed because I carried it all back upstairs by myself. I will be paying for that later... in  many ways) Check out the "before" of this unsightly dresser. 

Cute lamp, necessary white noise machine, colorful knit elephant from World Market, ceramic snail that I bought a long time ago at a hospital gift shop, the complete set of The Mysterious Benedict Society, and a clock to make sure I'm well aware that it's three (freaking) o'clock when I'm feeding little man. (although, he's slept overnight consistently for a couple nights! Thanks Babywise and Healthy Sleep Habits!)

Total Cost? $18 for the super bad idea spray paint and primer. $13 for actual paint. $3 for spackle to fix the old holes left by the brass hardware (anyone want some seriously hideous brass pulls? I've got five!) $9 for a small roller which was for textured walls and made my dresser a wee bit textured, and $12.95 for five brushed nickel pulls. (Not my first choice, but one of the cheapest options- sold!) I think that adds up to just under $60! (did I mention the dresser itself was free?!)

A shot of the crib and bedding. (a bad shot at that- but it was nap-crunch-time) I like the bedding, but it is way hard to accessorize with. Any ideas? I need new linens for the guest bed in there. You may have noticed the pink floral number that's on there now from the dresser picture... super color/print clashing! Driving me nuts! Someday this nursery will be completed... and Little Man will then be heading off the college... Also, I ditched the robot idea, apparently it's the trendy thing. I don't want it to be dated in like, ten minutes. Perhaps I'll hold off on a theme until the boy grows up and gets his own likes and dislikes. (do I want that to happen or not? Cause I'm leaning towards not! That's how you end up with Thomas the Train on every surface!) Anyway, I'm rambling again. Probably because I need a nap, shower, and some lunch. Not necessarily in that order.


  1. That dresser looks so awesome! I am not going for much of a theme with Jake's room. I hate the commerical stuff like Thomas. His bedding does have some animals, but not in a cartoonish, disney way. Your such a great photographer, I would suggest some photography for personalizing the space. I took some shots of elephants and giraffes at the zoo that I am framing for Jake's room. Always love seeing your projects!