Hospital Snobbery

So we all know I'm having a little procedure done in the next couple weeks. Whatever. I'm over it. However, I am still a little bothered about where I'm having my surgery. A surgical center. Not a full blown hospital. They will be poking around my insides- and to have this done, I will be driving up to a glorified office building. (behind a Chevron and a McDonalds- comforting)  This does not make one feel especially safe. Considering the fact that this "operating room" could have just as easily housed an accountant's office, a temp agency, the whole of Dunder Mifflin, or a call center for QVC. Just add some cubicles.
I guess this is considered a simple surgery, this cholecystectomy. But next time you're watching Grey's Anatomy, pay attention to the medical mumbo jumbo they're spouting around. That cholecystectomy word is one of them! Bailey does them all the time! In a hospital! I'm just sayin'... if something goes wrong, I would like a team of doctors at the ready... not a law firm across the hall.

I'll go to this ramshackle "surgery center." But I don't have to like it.


  1. Hey Ash,
    I have had a lot of "surgeries" in a surgery center and the staff has always been great!! Good luck and happy recovery!

  2. Is it the surgery center near UMC? If so, we've done the drill there -- Jayce had to get his tonsils out, and that's where we forced to go. I was nervous about that, too, but it worked out fine. He's had so many surgeries in hospitals, but the best part of the surgery center was that he was released way early to make room for more patients. That might not seem very comforting to you (it's kind of an assembly-line feel), but my sad little boy just wanted to get home. At the hospitals they kept him for hours, but we were gone within the hour after surgery. A huge plus! Just make sure you take it easy at home . . . don't be the mom, be the patient. :)