As I hobbled out of bed this morning (which took the strength of ten men... seriously, my limbs are putty) and did a tiny bit of touch-up, I was very pepped about my progress! (It still looks good in daylight!) I measured and marked the place for holes... then it hit me. In my haze of getting speedily into my bed after the kids went to sleep, I neglected to charge my drill. So now the project just sits there. All ready to go! But no drill! I will have to simply wait (and you know how much I love waiting!) for a whole six hours while the battery charges up and I can go drill the crap out of those drawers. Pictures to follow. But first I must go lay on the couch and groan for the next six hours. I literally feel about 80 years old. It hurts to type this.

I still maintain this could have been done in one day. Had I not even messed with spraypaint, (a royally bad idea) and charged the drill ahead of time, I would have posted lovely "after" pictures of my cute nursery that is slowly, but surely coming together!

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