Time Away

This week we've been having some mommy-girl time. This is time when Grandma volunteers to take baby boy and I get to venture off with the girls! Yesterday we went to The District to chase the pigeons. These pigeons looked like they had mange. Or molting. But gross. Certainly gross. The girls ran after them as fast as their tiny legs would take them. All the while calling out to them "Birdies! Come back here! I wanna give you hugs!"
I am enormously glad that pigeons are faster than my daughters.

Today we braved the "cold" and traipsed around Town Square... fun was had. Random and silly pictures taken. Pretzel dogs were noshed.

The Bunny asked if she could drive Grandma's car today. I promptly told her this would be the only vehicle she would be commandeering for a long, long time.

Silly faces are standard procedure while sitting on benches.

Can you spot The Squirt?

Indisputable proof that my children are tiny. The girls are three years old.

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