I Really Tried!

I am convinced I need blinders. Like the kind they put on Clydesdale horses so they don't get distracted by shiny things and ruin the whole parade.

That's how I feel when I go shopping for boy clothes. I totally ruin the whole parade! I can't stay in the baby boy section! It's drab! And boring! Sure, I have really high standards for boy clothes. It's easier to avoid the monster truck shirts when you're shopping for girls.

I swore to myself I would buy some stuff for little man. But my eye would always wander... over to the pretty dresses, the awesome ruffles, and the hip girl stuff! I left the store, tail between my legs having purchased the most adorable plaid dresses ever. Nothing but a striped hoodie for little man that was hideously on sale.

They need to make a store with only little boy clothes. I would have to relegate myself to that store alone. No more H&M, (never been there before yesterday- and fell in love!) no more Baby Gap, no more Gymboree for me. I simply do not have the self-control to shop for boy and not for girls.

And to quell the feeling horrible in complaining about finding "trendy" clothes when a lot of kids don't have easy/any access to clothes at all. Man, we are really blessed. I really should have nothing to whine about.

On the same philanthropic note, I received an email from this organization. They are asking for host families to take in kids for the summer. There. I feel like I did a good deed and being somewhat less self-involved. I can't really vouch for the legitimacy of this organization, but if you want to look into it, I would think it's a great idea. Our family was a host family for a foreign exchange student from South Korea. He became a part of our family- he was in my wedding party! It was a wonderful experience. My parents ate a lot of kimchi that year!


  1. Since I started shopping for Jake, I think that there is a serious discrimination when it comes to the boys section, the girl section has 3X the choices, and the boys section is seriously lacking in options.

  2. It's like you walk through miles of pink to the ONE rack of boys stuff. It's unfair!

  3. SUN KOO! Oh I miss his Korean face! Do you hear from him?

  4. I was shopping with Jake for Easter clothes, and there was nothing, finally I held up a dress, and said, "how about this one." He was not amused.

  5. We do hear from Sun Koo every once and a while. Last I heard he was in Seattle going to college... or preparing for college... something like that!