Stalking the Mailman

I may have burst out of my house this afternoon and ran down the street like a rabid antelope (the c-section makes for a very odd gait) in search of mail that I actually wanted. (Bills? Not so much)

You see it all started a while ago. I cannot help but keep my eye out (or actively search) for a new diaper bag. I like my Skip Hop bag... but it's old. And I want something new and shiny. Plus, the five or so diaper bags (yes, really. I exaggerate not) I already have are really more for one baby. I still carry around a lot of stuff for the girls' entertainment. Plus all of my stuff. So I justified working with awesomely crafty Maranda on custom designing a bag to fit the needs of these four people I'm toting stuff around for. Check out her etsy store!

I have promised a number of people I would post the results. So here they are:

Notice the two front-pockets. Pockets make me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Is there such a thing as too many pockets? No. And this bag has a pocket that fits the precious magna doodles oh so nicely, as well as about 4 lbs. of random miscellanea. There are six (yes- six!) pockets for my pockety pleasure!

Finding shiny new purses in the mail is the kid equivalent to having ice cream before dinner. Both happened in this house today. Happy! Happy! Happy!


  1. Ooooo....pretty. I'm SO GLAD you ran down the street like an antelope :). I've been waiting for you to post your bag and show pictures before I went ahead 100% with mine...I'm so in LOVE. TY for passing along such awesome info!!
    SOOOO cute!

  2. Nope- this is the medium. She does have a large. I just wanted to be conservative. In retrospect, I could totally fill up a large with stuff. :)

  3. Sweet. The medium is what I've been looking at...it seems just big enough! Now if I could only decide on the fabric...

  4. I totally want one!! So so cute! Just need another kid to go with it . . .I'll have to check out her site!