Three Successes

#1: The Bunny left a scarce few drops in the potty while they read books in the bathroom for an hour and a half. I still danced around like a lunatic doling out the M&M's like they were hundred dollar bills. That was before naps.

#2: The Squirt left a puddle of pee in the potty when I moved the potties to the living room and had them watch the Curious George movie and ate their dinners (still on the potty. I know it's gross, and I probably shouldn't admit to that on the internet. But it happened. That's the real, gory life of potty training, I guess.)
I have concluded the only way to get the puddles in the potty and not on my floors is to keep them on the potty 24/7. That seems totally realistic. Totally.

#3: I came to my senses on the boy's clothes! I love threadless, I own a ton of their shirts (none of which I currently fit into, however) and I vaguely remembered they had a kids section. So I checked it out. And can I just tell you- JACKPOT!

Just one of the examples: (and one that I purchased in a speedy minute)

The best part about it? The title of course! Clean Monster. HA!

And don't forget the day the fire brigade went on strike!

and "dandy lions!" Perhaps I need one for the twins and another for baby! I can just see the pictures now!

I love these tees. Little Man will have a ton of these awesome designs lining his closet for sure! None of that "Mommy's Little Slugger" nonsense! This kid's gonna rock!

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