Adventures in Potty Land: Day 2

Today I am going zen. I am thoroughly exhausted from the chaos that was yesterday. Clearly, I was wound a bit too tight and got a little... dramatic. But today will be different! Today I have a reward (for myself) to get through the day. Once the girls are in bed, there is a nice little pint of Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie waiting for me. The girls may finally pick up potty training, but I am definitely going to gain 10 lbs.

I am not going to stress about soiled panties- I'm sure I have plenty. And a good strong scented candle helps until the washer is free for another load. Until then, they can chill in the sink.

I think I've finally assembled the essentials so I can quit dashing off to get this, that, or the other while a poor little girl stands there bewildered with messy panties 'round her ankles.

Who wouldn't want to cop a squat on these little cuties? They just look so delighted to be a part of the process!

I miss my little baby boy. He's been farmed out to Grandma's house during the day so I don't completely lose it and run for the hills. This is extremely helpful. But I get all wistful when I see his baby paraphernalia lying around, unused.

Came up with a new plan:
Stuff the kids with liquids- like freezer pops...

And pop them on the potty with a bucket of books.

During naptime I will be dusting off my twin resource guide and re-reading the potty training chapter. Last time I totally skimmed this while plugging my ears, closing my eyes, and chanting "la,la,la,la, not looking! never gonna happen to me! la,la,la,la!"


  1. FYI you are my idol. I hope I can be as good a mommy. Oh, and I have a can of unopened Similac Isomil Advance if you want me to mail it to you? I'll hit you up on FB too :)

  2. Oh my heavens, I do NOT look forward to this stage. Just think how much easier it will be to only potty-train ONE next time, though! (Ready or Not is my favorite twin books too.)