St. Patrick's Day

I'm so glad that I get on the internet in the morning while the girls eat (make a gigantic mess of) breakfast. Because Google reminds me when there's a "holiday," like St. Paddy's day. So we wore green. That is pretty much it. And I didn't take pictures- because none of us looked good enough to document on my memory card... or the internet. I wish we would have done this. But we didn't because I am neither creative, awesome, or a domestic goddess like Tara.

(Can you tell the baby is off schedule, keeping me up at night, and the girls are crazy cranky? Mommy's in a bad mood. Beware of our household. My apologies to my out-of-town friends coming to visit any minute now)

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  1. You are so funny. You are way more creative than you let on. Thanks for the props.