The Five Stages of Painting

Stage 1: Playing with swatches! If I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is go meandering around the paint swatches at Home Depot. Perks me right up. Is there anything better? Perhaps if there was also a Dairy Queen in the paint aisle. That would be better.

Stage 2: Prep. Not so fun, but still kind of exciting. Decluttering, dusting, generally making a blank canvas for the upcoming masterpiece! Some try and over do it with a lot of masking and dropcloths. I mostly cross my fingers and hope it doesn't fall on the carpet- or my shutters. So far, my painting karma has been very good.

Stage 3: That first roll onto the sheetrock. Bliss!

Stage 4: (followed shortly after Stage 3) A violent hatred for painting.

Stage 5: Losing any and all will to live. Especially when the room is half completed, and what you have done is patchy at best.

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