Looking For Someone

We're finally at the point where we need to find a new home for our beloved Mr. Scotty. It's becoming increasingly apparent that he is very unhappy in our home. We just want what's best for him. Do you have a small child free home? Would you like a fluffy companion that will love you to the moon? Do you drop bits of food on the floor?

If you answered yes to most of those questions- boy, do we have a dog for you! I must admit, I am going to be very discerning about where Scotty goes. I feel it is my responsibility to find him a good forever home- as I rescued him from a shelter, I promised that home to him. It breaks my heart to have to post this.

A few things Scotty is not:

- a chewer. He won't chew anything but a rawhide. It's nice when you have furniture you want to... sit on... or use at any point.

- good for small children. (say, 11 or younger) He is not aggressive, just very passive aggressive. He will pee on things to let you know how he feels. We think he was originally in an abusive home with lots of small children. So we're guessing he equates small children with abuse?

- a fan of aluminum foil. He's petrified of the stuff.

- a dog for lots of strangers. He's a dedicated dog to his owners. And that's it. It takes him a bit to "warm up" to a new person.

- a biter. He's never bitten anyone. Just aptly shows his disdain for everyone he hasn't met yet. But he warms up eventually.

- a beggar. He knows he's not allowed on the couch if you have food or drink in your hand. That rule he is surprisingly rigid about.

-a purebred. Our best guess is a mix of chihuahua and silky terrier. He's very healthy to boot. (purebreds seem to have lots of health problems)

A few things Scotty is:

- Loyal. Like I said, he will love you forever.

- Potty-trained. (surprisingly) He just started using his "stream of justice" when we brought the babies home... and kept bringing them back.

- Playful. He loves a good game of chase-the-hand.

- Very serious about his food. Mealtimes are no joke- nor are they very flexible. But before the kids, he was self-regulated, which would probably be a good idea for him to start again.

- a fan of clothing. Put him in his favorite blue shirt, and he will strut his stuff.

- a snuggler. Have a good lap? He's there.

- a sun-bather. He'll sit on the back porch for hours in the sun. Have a sunny chair? He'll be quite content.

- lover of all things plush. The plusher the pillow, the better. If he finds a stack of pillows somewhere, you can bet he will be perched on the very top.

- at his optimum weight at around 7-8 lbs.

- neutered. He was neutered by the shelter after when he was about 1 year old. He has a tendency to "mark" when he's in a new place. (or on a walk)

- Six years old. (or something around there)

Also: Because we love and care about him so much- where ever he ends up. We want to make sure he always has a good home- so if there is a circumstance in which Scotty finds himself without a loving home, he can always come back to our house.


  1. Scotty seriously seems like Maggie's long lost twin. I wanted him the last time I thought you were giving him away! First I need to convince Danny. Then, if that's a go, we'll need to get Scotty and Maggie together to see if they could be BFF. I'll let ya know.

  2. Awesome! We'll have to have a doggie playdate! Can't wait! Tell Danny I will give him ANYTHING he wants. Cookies and cakes for a year? lol