Big Sis

I meant to get a good picture of all three yesterday when Little Man was wearing his "little brother" shirt- but it turned out like this:

Although this turned out pretty nice. (thank you crop button!)

Today proved to be quite smiley! I love cooperation!

I find it quite fitting that the first smile we have on film of Little Man's includes The Squirt picking her nose. We're a classy bunch.

Thank you crop button!

But there are tender moments too. (Although Little Man seems to be a bit disgruntled with the hand-holding)

Also, I'm thinking about having the twins sleep in the closet so they can have a playroom. Good idea? It's hard to feel like we haven't already grown out of this house. I feel so snotty for complaining when most New York apartments are like 600 sq. ft. And my own parents had two kids in a 1200 sq. ft. house that seemed massive to me as a kid. Man, I am spoiled.


  1. I LOVE the idea! You are so cute and crafty anyway, you could totally make it work! I think the link you put up is soooo cute and would seriously consider it if I were in your shoes. I mean really, you'd then have an ENTIRE room to put all the toys and such. Sounds like heaven to me. Do it, Ashley!!!!

  2. #1..LOVE THE SHIRTS. Im totally going to have to make some of those!
    #2...rockin' new blog design, love it!

  3. Stopped by your blog from a comment somewhere else, and thought I would say hello. Your little ones are adorable! I have twin girls who are almost one, and I love reading about other twins... I think it gives me a glimpse of the future!