Fitness Equation

In order to lose all the baby weight:

jogging & pilates > eating cookies & brownies

(not = to)

You can see why this is so hard for me.


  1. lol! i still have my baby weight--and then some! ugh it's so frustrating, isn't it? shall we be seeing you on the fitness blog more often? ;) and sorry i couldn't make it this weekend! sqeeze that boy for me!

  2. Grrr......... those blasted brownies! They kill me every week. You'd think I'd stop making them, right? NO! It is so soothing for me to bake! I'm just doomed to be big I guess :(

  3. Okay, so I havent had a baby yet, but I never by brownie mixes and avoid the cookie aisle. I simply have no self control and would consume the entire pan/box without thinking twice.