Lazy Cookery

It's finally happened. Our days of fast foodery are coming to a close. Our tastebuds are so worn out from eating all the fast food within a 10 minute radius of our house. It became abundantly clear when I asked the husband to bring back dinner and we could not, for the life of us, scarf down another burger, burrito, or square box of slightly Asian food.

Perhaps it's time to dust off the cobwebs on the stove and actually cook something. (no, there aren't really cobwebs... I'm pretty sure, anyway) I need to start off slowly, ease myself back into the motions. No longer can I just rip out a pizza from the freezer and slam it in the oven. DiGiorno was nice for a while. But every other day? Not so much. I can't even look at the refrigerated pizza section anymore. It sickens me.

So I've compiled an easy-to-make menu that makes my mouth water, and for the next couple days I will try and cook on a consistent basis. If my head implodes from all the stress/mess/work then we'll just have to expand our food-fetching perimeter to a 20 minute radius from the house. But I'll go down trying.

Thursday: Deep Dish Pizza Casserole

Friday: Black Bean & Corn Tacos

(There's no cooking on weekends- it's the law)

Monday: Pork with Orange Sauce

Tuesday: Pita Tostadas

Let's all cross our fingers that I don't abandon the kitchen again. I could hear the pots & pans softly weeping from loneliness in the cabinets.

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  1. We do pita pizzas.....super easy and we just use some spaghetti sauce when we're just too tired to cook....oh and Sam's sells those precooked chicken breast that we just stick in the oven to warm up and then stick in salads and tacos and various other things...super easy! Hope those will help you ease back into the cooking life.

    And Gavin is just gorgeous!