Baby Thoughts

File this away as something that probably only interests myself. But it makes me grin from ear to ear... so it's goin' on the blog!

This is Little Man trying very hard to talk. His still-pictures are adorable. But he really shines in motion picture!

The girls think it's funny to imitate Little Man by throwing their mouths wide open and then laughing hysterically at each other.
I am quite the lucky momma.


  1. I forget how stinkin' cute and mini they are!! He is adorable!

  2. So today I was getting the brakes changed on my car, and picked up the only worthwhile magazine in the whole place... the November 2009 issue of Parenting magazine. And whatdya know...my friend "Ashley Bryan, Las Vegas" has a comment in there! What a fun surprise! Love ya!

  3. I think I saw the same thing when I was pregnant at my OB's office! Ashley, Gavin is simply adorable!! I love his little squeaks! Too cute........ do I want another yet? Hmmmmmmmmm, NOT YET!

  4. That is just precious! Ashley, you can see my new grand baby, Jada Rose here...
    hugs and kisses